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The EN Series is just the latest innovation from ELGi. 

Only ELGi gives you the UPTIME Advantage: compressors designed to run cooler, cleaner and longer. This makes the ELGi EN Series easy to maintain with low cost of ownership, high reliability with more uptime. The EN Series is built with premium leak-free components; all backed by industry-leading warranties, part availability and service.

By intergrating all major systems, and using fewer parts, our simplistic yet breakthrough design eliminates connections. That means there are no leaks and no pressure drops. Our compact, integrated platform is also designed to run cool and efficient: all EN Series models are equipped with air after coolers – even our smallest units.

World-class components come standard on every EN Series compressor. This includes premium efficiency motors, premium branded components and complete system control and monitoring with electronic controllers.

Here’s where er further remove your risk, with the industry’s most comprehensive, worry-free assurance plan. This includes a six-year warranty on air ends and a 48-hour air back pledge.


Exclusive ELGi air ends encapsulate all major functions into a common frame, so there’s no treat of leaks or energy-robbing pressure drops. So you’ll save energy and reduce maintenance cost.

Integrated into encapsulated air end are major components such as:

      • Air filters
      • Air intake valve
      • Solenoid valve
      • Air-oil separator tank
      • Oil separator element
      • Oil filter
      • Safety valve
      • Oil sight glass
      • Minimum pressure valve
      • Oil drain valve
      • Thermostatic valve
      • blow down valve

Gearless operation reduces sound to a best-in-class level – as low as 61 dBA – which is about the same volume as conversation speech.

Stays Cool

ELGi unique Thermo-Zone layout separates hot and cool zones to protect sensitive components. And by adding an after cooler on all models – even the smaller unites – you can be assured that the EN Series always delivers cool air. This also means it will run longer, with fewer repair cost.

The compressor is designed to operate in wide range of temperatures, up to 115°F. Yet it does so on less energy: power spent on the cooling fan is lowest in its class.

Ensures Air Quality

ELGi’s unique OSBID process (Oil Separation By Impact and Deceleration action) efficiently separates oil and air with minimum pressure drops and carry over levels of less than 3 ppm. ELGi guarantees the process for the life of the compressor to give you consistent air quality on less power.

The three-stage OSBID process involves:

Stage 1: Impact of air-oil mixture on the tank circumferential area

Stage 2: Deceleration action of air-oil mixture to shed oil particles

Stage 3: Air with minor traces of oil will enter the spin-on separator element to purify the air

Faster serviceability = more uptime 

The less time you spend servicing your compressor, the more time to will spend running. That’s why we’ve created easy access to the areas you service most frequently: consumables such as air and oil filters and separator elements; oil fill and drain; safety, thermal, minimum pressure, solenoid and intake valves; hoses and inter-connecting pipes. We’ve also extended service life intervals for air filters, AOS elements and oil filters. Plus, ELGi Airlube, best in Premium Compressor Oil.

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