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At ELGi we’re changing the way you look at compressed air systems. 
It’s no longer just about delivering air.
It’s about delivering UPTIME.

From the way we design, manufacture and support the new EG Series, every aspect of our business is built on keeping yours running: smoothly, efficiently and profitably. That’s why we’re the first manufacturer to offer a lifetime warranty on our compressors.

What you’ll also see in the EG Series is industry-leading energy efficiency, driven bu our exclusive slow speed Axis air ends, the most efficient and most robust in the entire industry.

So go ahead, Judge the EG Series by its size, by its appearance, by the way it’s built. Even by how it’s supported. When you do, you’ll see that ELGi is the right partner for your business.


The EG Series is designed on a simple premise: machines that run cooler and cleaner also run longer. That’s why we’ve built the coolest running compressor on the market, with multi-stage air filtration, a cooler designed to run in even the most extreme ambient conditions, and our proprietary Thermo-Zone layout.

UPTIME Components

Piece by piece, world-class quality is built into the new EG Series. At the heart of each unit is our exclusive Axis air end, the most efficient, modern and robust in the industry. Yet attention to detail is found everywhere: rigid steel piping, premium valves, even leak-free fittings.

UPTIME Assurance

Here’s where we back our pledge, and further remove your risk, with the most comprehensive, worry-free assurance plan the industry. Only ELGi gives you a lifetime warranty on your compressor. And if there’s ever an issue, we’ll have your compressor up and running within 48 hours. Our partnership never ends.

When less is more

The simplistic design of the EG Series is key to delivering maximum uptime. By utilizing fewer parts than others, we build in greater dependability.

Keeping it clean

Integral to the EG Series is a special three-stage air filtration system, which dramatically reduces air contamination, and greatly prolongs filter, oil and component life. Cleaner air means lower pressure losses and reduced maintenance. All of which dramatically lowers your costs.

Air up, even from a distance

Remote monitoring via SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) allows you to control and monitor the performance from youPC, anywhere in the world.

Faster service = More UPTIME

The less time spent servicing your compressor, the more time it will run. That’s why we’ve created easy access to routine service points. Large, hinged doors provide access from one side of the compressor, There’s an integrated cooler module with easy access for cleaning. Plus, we’ve extended the life filters and oil intervals.

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